About us
We are Lionite, a high-energy pop rock band from Leeuwarden. We started creating music together in April 2023, and have since written a great variety of songs that we are incredibly proud of. We create music with a unique blend of pop melodies and rock grit, driven by strong basslines, catchy vocals, solid guitar solos, and driving rhythms.

Our main goal is to have a great time. Positivity and enthusiasm guide our music, even with tougher themes, as we want to share our stories and energy with the world. Are you ready? Follow us on our musical journey, and be a part of our story!

Lionite: Rienk, Ruben, Dominique, Bryan and Lennart

Meet the members

Music is good for my soul. Every time I come out of a band rehearsal or singing class I feel lighter, more hopeful, and happier. Those are the things I want to pass on to people hearing our music. A positive, upbeat energy.

The lyrics I write for Lionite are all based on my writing and poetry. Whether it's about my own personal experiences or something I found inspring. I like to challenge myself to write lyrics in such a way that they're specific enough for people to know what they're about, but vague enough so they can add their own interpretations. I think that's the true magic of good lyrics. That they resonate with everyone uniquely.

My biggest challenge so far has been learning how to sing like a badass! My background is in classical music, so its been quite a change, but I've been having so much fun with it. Every time I learn something new and it works, I just get so proud and happy. It's the best feeling.

If you asked me about my identity, I would tell you I am a musician before anything else. I have gone where music led me for most of my life, and I am already excited about my Lionite adventure. 
It is hard to deny that I am "the emo" in the band, but you should not underestimate my deep-rooted love for pop music. Even though I hope that the music properly represents my emotions, I also want to share the energy music gives me. Sitting still is difficult for me, and I write music to which you can move along. 
I look forward to seeing you jump, two-step, pitt, and go absolutely bonkers at our show soon.

Creating, improving, and learning. Combine those with a huge amount of energy and a big sense of (dark) humor and that’s probably the best way to describe me. 
I have been playing guitar since i was a teenager and till this day I still love picking up that instrument. I've been playing metal, pop songs, punk, rock and even some spanish guitar. But the thing i love the most is creating and playing songs that “grow on you”. Songs you keep remembering because they're catchy and can't seem to leave ur mind. And I love being there!

Music has always been a big part of my life. I am almost always either making or listening to music.

My taste in music is very broad, I would even go as far as to say that I can find beauty in most music styles. But my roots definitely lay in the punk rock scene. Bands such as Green Day, Sum 41 and Blink 182 really made me pick up the guitar. But also the more "classic" punk bands like Bad Brains, the Ramones and many more have had an enormous influence on my playing style.

Not a day goes by for me without music. Whether it's in the audience at a concert, listening to new music from one of my favorite artists or tapping along to a classic song. Silence is not my thing and maybe that's why I play a loud instrument.

Magic in music is created by dynamics. After all, for a rainbow you need both sun and rain. That's what I try to pay attention to in my playing.

Nothing is better than experiencing music together. That feeling when the energy on stage and the energy in the audience amplify each other. That's what makes me excited about the times to come with Lionite.
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